Heather L. Benton

Stormy fiction, with a chance of silver linings.


Bali and the Secret of You

Release date: TBA

Amid the oppressive heat yet turquoise waves of Bali, surfer Matt Westbrook meets Claudette LeFevre—an American ex-pat tending bar—a captivating woman with a shadowy persona. Matt's loneliness pushes him to pursue her. Claudette's past constrains her in a cagey world of distrust. 

But the direction of Claudette's anxiety is erroneous, as the present danger whispers from a nearby female with a vendetta. The wife of a man with whom Claudette engaged in a brief fling wants revenge—unbeknownst to Claudette that the man was not only married, but the leader of a local drug ring. When the cheated, sociopath wife frames Matt and Claudette for stolen cocaine, the two must flee a network of ruthless criminals that reaches its fingers across many parts of the globe. 

The leader's wife had plans to take Matt's money before killing Claudette, and is only enraged further when they escape into the jungles of Bali, the waters of Uluwatu, and off to the beach town of Darwin, Australia. Once back in Matt's home of San Diego, the new couple thinks they've dodged the drug ring and escaped their grip. But when Matt and Claudette are caught a second time, the risk of loss is much greater, and a new secret is born.

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