Heather L. Benton

Stormy fiction, with a chance of silver linings.


I will get to why, perhaps, you should give a crap about my page and my books among the infinite abyss of the internet in one moment.

First, a quick explanation on my name to clear it up for anyone who is confused. If you've seen my books or social media at all (which you probably haven't, unless you were an avid reader of HungerGamesMovie.org) you may be wondering... what the hell?

Here's the deal: a half a decade ago, I opted to use my middle name, Leigh, as my last name for authorship. There ensued a bit of nonsense—hilarity if you look at it the right way—with other authors using the same name. First came another Heather Leigh who writes erotica. So, to avoid confusion I added a family name, Hunt, to my own. Then came Heather Hunt, who writes Christian inspirational books. Ironic opposites, no?

Anyway, I land somewhere in the middle of those two genres, but write neither. I threw my hands in the air and decided to go with my actual name, Benton, and thus you have: Heather L. Benton.

NOW... why are you here? Your entertainment. Whether you like suspense, women's fiction, or comedic picture books for grown ups.

If you are in any way interested in autism awareness, charity, books that give back, or supporting an autistic artist, you've come to the right place. Check out The Obliging Fairies series on which I collaborate with my autistic sister.

To date, I've completed seven novels, two Obliging Fairies books, written for a Detroit newspaper, Real Detroit Weekly Magazine, as well as The Hunger Games Movie websites, and work as a professional ghostwriter and content writer. I love all sorts of stories, especially if they are A) funny, or B) beautiful in a dark way. I currently live in metro Detroit.